Instant Action Sportsbook

When it comes to betting on sports everyone wants instant action and the ability to bet on their favorite sport on a moment’s notice. In order to get this done they have to play with a sportsbook that gives their players the options to bet on the go.

Instant Action Sportsbook claims that they have everything that a sports bettor needs to get into instant action. They are based in San Jose Costa Rica which is a good sign because that is where most of the safe sportsbooks reside. They offer up a 50 percent free play and they do not restrict any countries from betting at their sportsbook.

They also have a loyalty program that they offer all of their players which gives the player the chance to redeem points and turn that into other things. The point redeeming program consists of rewarding Instant Action Sports frequent players for being continually active with the sports book. For each bet placed via the phone or the internet Instant Action Sports will reward their players with a certain amount of points which will be calculated routinely. Instant Action Sports software will handover and display the correspondent points to the players’ account. The amount of points will depend on the type of wager chosen among straight bets, parlays, teasers, if bets, round robins, propositions, and more! Instant Action Sports Point redeeming program is a way to give away an extra bonus in free bets and useful merchandise to their most active players. So in essence the more that you bet, the more points that you accumulate and then you can reap the rewards.

Certain bets are worth more points and anyone that joins can take advantage of this offer. All Instant Action Sports active players and new players will automatically enter the loyalty program. All bets will count as gained points and as a regular player you will be able to view the number of points that you are accumulating on a daily basis. The Instant Action Sports management team awards points based off the type of bet placed. For example a Straight Bet is equal to 10 points each, a parlay is equal to 20 points each, and teasers are 25 points each, if bets are 25 points each, round robins are 25 points each and propositions are 30 points each.

They also have a birthday bet that all of their clients can claim. All they have to do is make a phone call and the money will be instantly placed in your account for your special birthday present.

All of these perks sound great, but there is one glaring problem and that is the fact that they have had some serious problems with slow paying or nonpaying when players have tried to collect their winnings. It does not matter if the player can get into instant action if they do not get paid when they win. Although Instant Action Sportsbook looks decent and has plenty of perks they should be avoided altogether if they cannot pay out their players.