Indy Sportsbook and Casino

Indiana is a very popular state in the United States when it comes to betting on sports. They are essentially the hot bed of basketball action as they have deep roots in the college and the professional game and they also have the Indy 500, which is one of the top races of the season. These kinds of sports make Indiana a popular sports betting state.

Many sportsbooks are trying to take advantage of this and that is why the Indy sportsbook and casino was developed and introduced to the market. They are located in Costa Rica and they offer all new signups a 50 percent bonus when they sign up at this sports betting site.

At Indy sportsbook and casino they offer not only a sports betting platform but they have a casino and a race book where all of their players can bet on the ponies if they would like. The great horse book offers 100 horse racing tracks to choose from, so the selection is there if you like to bet on horses. Remember when you make your wagers don’t wait to the last minute before post or you will not make sure that you don’t get shut out. You can now make horse wagers by phone, by internet or by mobile phone but the software is not the greatest. In fact the sportsbook overall is a bit sketchy.

Indy sportsbook and casino actually leads new players to Go To Entertainment. The URL is legit and Indy sportsbook and casino is an actual place but it just directs you to the sports betting site that is called Go To Entertainment. The site is clunky and not all of the links are working. They are also miles away from other top ranking sports betting sites as they are lacking many of the modern advances that other sports betting sites have. They also have a bad reputation of taking forever to pay their players.

The bigger amount or amounts that a player wins, the tougher it is for the player to get paid. Go To Entertainment struggles with big money payouts and they take months and sometimes even a year to pay their players. That is not something that a player wants to deal with if they sign up with a sports betting site. They want to make sure that they are playing at a place that is reputable and takes payouts seriously and always pays their players without thinking twice and with little to no hassle for the player. This is not something that happens when you sign up at Go To Entertainment. Therefore it is best to avoid Go To Entertainment, Indy sportsbook and casino and any other name that brings you to this organization.

They have some good things about the services that they offer but it does not outweigh the chances that you may not get paid. Indy may be the home for great sports like auto racing and basketball, but their sports betting site is awful.