Hollywood Sportsbook

The word Hollywood instantly stirs up images of glitz and glam as it induces the thoughts of grandiose things. Hollywood sportsbook is happy to have those thoughts and images associated with their sports betting site although it is not exactly what the player gets when they play at Hollywood.

Hollywood sportsbook has been in the sports betting business for decades and they have had some serious ups and downs during their time in the industry. The good news is when it comes to these sports betting sites is that they are licensed and regulated which is always a good sign when looking at a sportsbook they also offer no rollovers on their bonuses.

They offer up a 50% bonus which is good for up to $500, again with no rollovers when someone signs up to play here. They are located in sunny San Jose Costa Rica which is yet another good sign as this is a home for great sports betting outlets that usually thrive in the business. However that is not always been the case with Hollywood Sportsbook.

They were in the middle of a turbulent time when sports betting sites were being merged and devoured by other sports betting sites. This is always cause for concern as when changes of this size occur things are often lost in the transition, unfortunately for Hollywood sportsbook betting customers, they were the ones that were lost in the shuffle.

This caused players to be involved in some shady practices which instantly made Hollywood one of the lowest ranking sportsbooks at some of the most respected sportsbook ranking sites.

They were once accused of taking away player’s winnings after he turned a $10 free play into over $800 dollars in profit. They also had problems with their software as they had moments when their customers could not access their playing history and to make matters worse, they are about to be acquired by yet another sports betting portal. After being acquired by Sportsbook.com the problems did not stop as they struggled to with processing and refused to fixed grading errors. They also made headlines for all of the wrong reasons by canceling a winning $2,000 wager for one of their players. In short over 153 clients and over $220,000 dollars have been backlogged and not paid out to winning customers. In short things could not have gotten worse for Hollywood Sportsbook.

Now Hollywood is ready to prove that they are ready to be a contender in the sports betting business again. Their website proclaims that this is the start of a new era for this website and their players. The site claims that they will be bringing in a new website interface with faster payouts and they will assure that your email address is on file and up to date. The problem with these empty promises is that they should have been done years ago and it may be a little too late for this sportsbook. While Hollywood Sportsbook has some hope of becoming an A+ sportsbook once again, it may be too late for many sports bettors.