Heritage Sports


Heritage Sports is a well established offshore sportsbook that is based out of San Jose, Costa Rica. Their tagline says exactly what they are most known for, “Reduced Juice-Cash Back”. It’s rare these days to find a site offer reduced juice, but Heritage Sports does just that. We’ll discuss this further a bit later when we talk about the Heritage bonus options.

First, let’s talk a little bit about the history of Heritage Sports. They were founded in 2001 and have always been considered one of the “pioneers” in the online sports betting industry. They took a huge step in 2011 by acquiring the US player base from both The Greek Sports and BetJamaica. This really helped Heritage grow to the next level, especially in the United States. Despite the addition of many new US clients, they have always been faithful to their international clients as well. Heritage offers a number of unique soccer offerings that some other sportsbooks don’t.

Speaking of betting options, Heritage Sports has lines available for nearly every sport imaginable. They have a pretty slick live betting platform as well available for most sports including football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, and tennis. The bet types are pretty standard and the betting limits are considered “average” at best. They don’t offer the highest betting limit but definitely not the smallest limits either.

One of the most important things to check out at Heritage Sports is their bonus options. This is one area that Heritage Sports differentiates themselves from the competition. They do not offer a standard 50% or 100% first deposit bonus like most online sites. Instead, they offer two different options for you upon signup.

First, they offer “Reduced Juice – Cash Back” which means you will enjoy -108 odds on select sports and you will also receive cash back on some bets. If you are not interested in the “Cash Back” the second option may be for you. The 2nd option is simply -105 odds on select sports. This is pretty significant reduced juice that will really help you in the long run. On top of that, they do offer an 8% cash deposit bonus on any deposit over $100.

Depositing money into Heritage Sports is pretty simple. They offer a number of different options including: Bitcoin, Credit and Prepaid Cards, Person to Person Money Transfer, Cashiers Check, and Bank Wire. Some of these options do come with fees so you will want to cross check with their website before depositing money.

Withdrawal methods are very similar. They offer the following: Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire, Sportsbook Transfer, Person to Person. There are some pretty steep fees to some of these withdrawal methods. But Heritage Sports does give you one free payout every 30 days.

While Heritage Sports is best known for their reduced juice sportsbook, they also have an online casino and poker room for players to enjoy. Add in the Heritage Racebook and it’s truly an “all in one” spot for online gaming.

To conclude, Heritage Sports is a very well established and reputable online sportsbook. They set themselves apart from the competition with their reduced juice options and cash back bonuses. Their numbers have increased significantly over the last five years as they have acquired players from some other sites. Through these increases, they’ve maintained a first class customer support team and operate a very nice offshore sportsbook.