EnterBet Sportsbook

The history of anything is important to know, but when it comes to a sports betting site it is the most important thing to know. The biggest mistake that sports bettors do is look at the current state of a sports betting site and use that to decide if they want to sign up.

Instead of using the current state of a sports book to gauge its success it is best to look into its history to decide if you want to sign up and become a customer of a sports betting site. In the current state a sportsbook may be thriving or hiding their failures on the surface with big words or glorious paragraphs of praise and claims that the management team has created to hide their failures. That is exactly what is going on with Enter Sportsbook.

First of all there is no such thing as Enter sportsbook. The name is a fake and it is a link that brings you to Go To Entertainment. Go To Entertainment is a sportsbook that has many website names and URL’s that all direct new customers to one site and that site is not even impressive. They have everything that you would want in a sports betting site on the surface to include bonuses, casinos and more, but in reality they are just trying to get you to sign up. They lack in every aspect of a sports betting site and have a horrible reputation, bad customer service and a disgraceful history.

You would not know by looking at their current state of their site. If you ignore the fact that when you click on a link to go to Enter Sportsbook you are sent to Go To Entertainment then you may think that the current status of this sports betting site is quite good. After all they claim to have been in business since 1997 and they use great phrases like “industry leader” and “customer satisfaction”. However, one look at their history and you will see that Go To Entertainment is anything but satisfying and the only thing that they lead in is bad customer service and lack of payouts.

Their history is littered with player disputes that have had big problems in getting paid. This is as small as $600 dollar payouts which should be a walk in the park for a sportsbook that has been around for decades and is a so-called industry leader in the gambling industry. They have also stolen up to $4,000 from other players and one player took three years to get paid!  They have been associated with sportsbooks who have been black listed by many of the sports book review watchdog sites who sniff out scam sites.

Go To Entertainment looks good on the surface and one look or “read” of this sports betting site may be enough to get you to sign up and try this site and claim a 50 percent bonus, but don’t look to get paid. The world is filled with credible sports betting sites and there is no reason to sign up at Enter Sportsbook or Go To Entertainment anytime soon!