E Z Sports Betting Sportsbook

If you are a good sports bettor then you are always looking for a good place to bet on games. It also means that you are always looking for sports betting sites to avoid. Finding scam sportsbooks are just as important as finding good places to bet at.

It may not seem like something that a sports bettor should do, but in reality tracking a scam sports betting site may be just as vital to the money making person that bets on sports. One wrong move or one wrong deposit could derail a sports bettor that does this sort of thing for a living. The sports bettor that does this sort of thing part-time and just for fun should also be on the lookout for scam sports betting sites. The handicapper that is always aware of the scam sports betting sites and the people that run them will always avoid them and stay away from a potential scam.

That is exactly what a site like E Z Sports Betting is trying to do. E Z Sports Betting has been in business since 1997 and for most sports betting sites, how long they have been in business is a very big deal. That usually shows that they can be trusted and that they are a site that sports bettors would consider when looking for a new outlet to bet on sports. Not at E Z Sports Betting. The site may look shiny and exciting but in reality this website needs to be put on your list of scam sports betting outlets.

They opened in 1997 and they stopped paying players right away. They worked hard on bringing in new players but if you managed to win money and tried to collect you were always left out in the cold. They quickly built a reputation as a scam sportsbook and for more than a decade that reputation has not changed and instead they have managed to keep up the fraud, by taking money away from new signups and refusing to pay new players. They even told players that they had to keep betting if they wanted a payout although the players had already met a rollover requirement.

To avoid detection they have spawned other websites in hopes to confuse players and draw attention away from their problems but it just won’t happen. Great sportsbook watchdog websites like Bangthebook.com will always be on the lookout for the scam sports book and E Z Sports Betting is one of those sites.

E Z Sports Betting has been connected with more than one sportsbook which includes Bet On Sports Online and Online Las Vegas, two other sportsbooks that can also be added to your scam list.

If you are serious about betting on sports and winning money then you have to make sure that you pay attention to the places that you should not bet at. E Z Sports Betting and any other site that they are connected to should be avoided if you are serious about winning money when betting on sports.