DirectBet.Eu Bitcoin Sportsbook Review

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DirectBet.EU is a sports gambling site which uses a handful of different cryptocurrencies, namely; bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, and dash- all of which are said to be proven safe and fair. The site claims that it is the most secure digital currency sportsbook in operation. This, presumably, is because of the extremely high level of security provided by Bitcoin’s blockchain encryption- which has been proven scientifically to be practically unbreakable- even by state-level attackers.

DirectBet’s sports betting feature is decidedly pronounced, but the site also offers a wide variety of casino games. However, DirectBet is more than just a sportsbook with live betting. It also offers a whole host of casino games such as poker and blackjack- and just about anything you’d expect to see in a casino. DirectBet allows you to bet on a wide variety of games such as Horse Racing, Tennis, Football, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Cricket, Boxing, MMA, Poker and much more.

DirectBet Features

A number of unique features distinguish DirectBet from similar sites. For example, it does not require players to make deposits. It is also particularly welcoming players who are, as they say, on a roll. Frequent winners are not limited in the number or type of bets they are permitted to make. Also, players are not required to register and create an account. To play, all players need to do is to go to the game they want to play and start betting. The interface is user-friendly and pretty easy to figure out. You’ll see a drop menu for the cryptocurrency you want to use, and there are fields for entering the wallet address where players want their winnings to be sent. As the site loads, players are treated as players automatically and the site sets up an account by itself. What’s more, DirectBet delivers instantaneous pay-outs with live in-play betting.

DirectBet also offers an attractive referral program that makes it possible for players to take 1% of all of the wagers placed by any players they have referred to the site. It is also possible for players to negotiate for the best odds in the games they bet on. They claim to offer “all of the advantages of a gambling exchange without the issues of liquidity or complicity.” Arbitrage bettors are also accommodated.

The Bottom Line

The play on DirectBet is fast, fun, and satisfying. Possibly too fast, though, for comfort. Players really do seem to have a better chance of walking away winners than on other sites. Of course, it’s still gambling- so there’s always risk and caution is always advised. But blockchain is possibly the most proven crypto security system in existence. It’s a bold claim- but it’s also true. This unparalleled security and the fast and various nature of the play could make DirectBet.EU one of the most attractive sites of its kind.