DC Sportsbook and Casino

DC Sportsbook and casino is supposedly a top flite place to bet on sports and visit if you like to play in a casino, but there are plenty of warning signs that indicate that this is more likely to be a place that should be avoided.

DC Sportsbook and Casino has many issues that should be more than enough reason for a new player to stay away. First and foremost, their url www.dcasino.com does not work at all times. In fact more times than the not, the link does not work, which means a few things. It could mean that the site is unreliable and it could mean that the management team at DC Casino and sportsbook does not have an IT team, or worse of all, it could mean that they don’t care. That means that this site is nothing but trouble and this is why it gets low grades at almost every sports betting site review place that looks into each and every place to bet on sports.

They also promise many things that they have yet to deliver on. They have a mobile section where they claim that you can bet on sports, but that is not working either. They also have a section that talks about a mobile casino, but they have not even started that yet. So up to this point, DC sportsbook and casino have a failing site, a failing mobile sportsbook and a mobile casino that does not exist.

They also don’t pay. They have had several players sign up (somehow) and they have had those players win big by betting on sports or playing in a casino. They had problems paying out all of those players, especially the ones with high balances. This is a sure sign that you do not want to bet with DC casino and sportsbook or any place that does not pay their players. The goal of the player when they sign up at any sportsbook is to win big. It is hard enough to win big when betting on sports or playing in a casino, but if you are not going to get paid out then it does not make all of the hard work worth it.

The management team at DC sportsbook and casino does not seem to care about the customer and they put more effort into getting your money than giving you a chance to win. They don’t care about sections of their site and they don’t have all of the areas working which shows just how little that they care about their sports betting platform. This is not a place that you should feel safe sending your money too.

Great sports betting sites like Bangthebook.com who offer up the greatest and latest sportsbook reviews on every place on the internet, will provide a great list of places for you to check out. Ignore DC casino and sportsbook and look for a highly ranked place to bet on sports that takes pride in what they do and will pay every time.