Casino NY and Sportsbook

New York is one of the most popular cities in the world. It gets attention from anyone in the world and it is loaded with people from all over the planet that come to live in the city that never sleeps. Because of this the city is filled with people that like to bet on sports and play in a casino.

With the massive amount of people in New York it is no surprise that many sports betting sites target this city to get new clients. Go To Entertainment is another sports betting site that is looking to get big clients from the Big Apple.  Go To Entertainment is very good at marketing their websites to certain locations and Casino NY and Sportsbook was their sixth sportsbook that they introduced into the market.

The method of operation for Go To Entertainment is to buy as many website names that cater to certain areas of the world and then point them to one centralized website. The website is not bad and has many things to offer, but it does not say Casino NY and sportsbook anywhere on the site. The goal of Go To Entertainment is to get signups based on the presumption that they are connected with places like New York City and Hawaii, but in reality they just want signups.

The website also talks about certain sections of the sports betting area that they believe are very good. For example they have a live in game betting section. On the site it clearly states that Go To Entertainment will offer Live Wagering during NFL games on Sunday night and Monday Night Football. You will be able to wager on these games in progress during every commercial break. The lines adjusted will always represent the lines for the entire game no matter what the score is when you bet it. You will be able to bet on sides, totals and money lines. The only problem is that the best online sports betting websites offer live betting on all of the games, all of the time, regardless of what sport it is. They also offer live betting on a game In-game and not just at commercial breaks which means that the live betting at Go To Entertainment is not the best and in fact they have some work to do if they want to compete with the best sportsbooks in the business.

You have to give credit to the Go To Entertainment marketing team because they know how to work a system to get signups, the problem is that they are not very good at managing a sports betting site. They have numerous complaints about slow pay and they have even taken over a year to pay one of their players. This is not acceptable at any sports betting site.

Do not sign up at a sportsbook because of their name because you will soon find that you are signing up with a second rate sports betting site like Go To Entertainment.