Carib Sports


One thing to always keep in mind when looking for a place to bet on sports is their longevity. A sportsbook that has been in business for a long time without changing ownership or even worse names, is something to keep in mind. Staying in business for a long time usually comes with a reputation and usually, it is a good one.

That is exactly what could be said for Carib Sports. They have been around for a long time. They have been in business since 1998 and that is when the online sportsbook boom began. Unlike other sportsbooks that turned out to be scams or went by the wayside when the .com bubble burst, Carib Sports is still hanging in tough in the sports betting industry.

They do not accept players from France and have had an on-again / off-again love affair with players from the United States. They started by accepting them when they started, then stopping the acceptance of players from the US years later. They then began accepting players once again in 2007, only to cease operations in the US again in 2011. They are now back in business but they have had a long history of problems at one time or another.

When they first opened they were considered a blue-chip sports betting site. They were the best of the best and they had an unmatched reputation as one of the best. That all changed in 2003 when the FBI cracked down on sports betting sites that were catering to US players although they were outside the United States. Carib is located in Belize and is backed by their laws and regulations. This did not stop the FBI by putting on a full court press and this was what looked like the beginning of the end for Carib Sports.

They lost millions and reports were that they were being choked out of their operating funds. This was enforced by complaints of slow or no pay problems. Although things looked bleak, they not only rebounded as a sports betting site but are getting better and better each and every year.

They went from getting horrible reviews at the major sportsbook review sites to climbing back into the good graces of these sites and their players. They offer a modest 25 percent sign up bonus coupled with 10 percent reload bonuses. Although this is nothing to get too excited about it, it is encouraging to see an upward swing from this once proud establishment.

They offer different betting options that include a sportsbook, racebook and casinos. The racebook comes with a five percent rebate and they also offer up special wagering attractions like Daily Numbers, Squares, and contests.

Just because a sportsbook has been in business for a long time it does not mean that they are instantly reputable. Only a complete look back at the full history will give you a glimpse of what kind of sports betting site that you are dealing with.