BetUSA Sportsbook

Many sportsbooks like to adopt a moniker that embodies the United States of America. While many sports betting sites have the moniker in some shape or form, few often live up to the hype that comes along with it. This review will cover another sportsbook that has the name on their site and that site is Bet USA.

It is easy to be skeptical of any site that has US or USA in their name. The reason is simple. They take on this name as an obvious ploy to try and attract customers from the United States because of the vast available customer base. Many of these sports betting sites are not located in the United States and they are not run by managers from the United States. So this becomes a sticking point because it seems that they are being fraudulent in their naming so what would stop them from being fraudulent in other areas.

Bet USA is located in San Jose Costa Rica and they have been in business since 1996, which is a good thing. Sportsbooks gain their reputation from their location and how long they have been in business. Bet USA has been in business for a very long time and they are located in Costa Rica, which is also a good thing since that is where many of the best sports betting sites are located today.

When you look at their sports betting site you will see that they are also very interactive. They have a full list of sports to choose from which includes the basics like football, basketball and baseball, but it also has unique wagering options like betting on politics, e-sports and entertainment. They also have several areas of the website that their customers can enjoy which includes more than just a sports betting site. They offer up a casino, a poker room and horses so their players can bet in many different areas.

Depending on where you play, you can be eligible for great bonuses. At Bet USA they have a 200 percent poker bonus that will give a bonus up to $2000 when a player plays cards at Bet USA. They also have a 8 percent cash back bonus at Bet USA when a player bets on horses. They do struggle with sports betting bonuses as they offer up just a 20 percent bonus for anyone that signs up and a 5 percent reload bonus. These are well below the averages that most sites are offering today.

Bet USA has some problems however as they are managed by and they are having some serious issues. They are taking up to six weeks and sometimes longer to send payouts which are a huge problem in this business. There have been worse places to bet on sports than Bet USA but this site should be avoided right now. If already betting at Bet USA, now is the time to collect your money and choose another place to bet on sports.