Betting Champs Sportsbook

The sports betting business can be loaded with liars, cheats and thieves and this is the ownership and not the clients. These owners are out to make a quick buck and they don’t care who they scam in the process and they are out there.

When signing up at a sportsbook you have to look into the place before you send money. You cannot send any money to any website without first looking at their background. Those are the kind of chumps that the thieves in the sports betting industry thrive on when they are looking to run a scam operation. This is why it is essential to go to a sportsbook review site like to get some detailed research on the place that you are considering signing up at.

Do not sign up at Betting Champs.

They claim that they are the place where champs come to bet. They also offer up a 25 percent bonus for all of their new signups. They are located in Curacao and they have been open since 2006 and they have been scamming players for the last decade. They restrict business to the United States which is a good thing because that is less people that they will be able to scam.

For a look at what Betting Champs is all about all you have to do is look at some of the other places that they are associated with. They are part of a group that includes Future Bet, one of the biggest scam books in the gambling industry.

Future Bet was revealed as a scammer site and so the webmasters left Future Bet and they opened up a new farm of scam sites that include, you guessed it, Betting Champs. In the past the management team that runs Betting Champs has taken every dime that players have sent in to their accounts and put it right into their pockets. They also collected bookmaking profits and everything that they could get their grubby hands on. They could keep the losers around longer and keep taking money from them, but the winners were never paid. When the customers caught onto this ploy the book would just close up shop and open another cookie cutter website to bring in some more victims.

This is why it is imperative you have to read a sports betting site review before signing up at any place because it could ultimately save you money. This business has some good people, good management teams and good sportsbooks, but unfortunately it is the scammers that run Betting Champs and up to nine other books that are part of the group that ruin it for everyone.

Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in and expose scammers like this and send your business to a different place. With so many quality sports betting sites, avoid the Betting Champs of the business and instead play with a reputable sportsbook and get the best in sports betting action, which is exactly what you deserve!