The sports betting world is very closely connected and that includes sportsbooks. Often when a sports book is successful they will reinvent themselves or open up a sister sportsbook to try and attract a new client base.

This is something that is done all the time. It allows the original sportsbook to maintain their client base while the new one offers different things and attracts new bettors. Bet Pop is a perfect example of this happening in the sports betting world. Bet Pop is the sister sportsbook to You Wager and they even share the same symbol so it is obvious to tell they are connected. Bet Pop started in 2004 with their online site and they offer up a 25 percent free play.

One of the things that they offer at Bet Pop is great prices so the teasers and parlays that you will get at Bet Pop are better than you will get anywhere else. This alone could attract players that love to bet on teasers and parlays because if the bettor can save money or get a bigger return on these types of bets they will want to take advantage of it. They are not blowing off the doors with the low bonus of just 25 percent, but the prices on the teasers and parlays could be worth it.

They also offer mobile wagering which allows the players to bet on the go, but this is not anything that is different from betting at a normal sportsbook. It is simple and useful, but it is not anything extraordinary. It is clear that when it comes to setting up this sportsbook they were not over the top.

The interface is simplistic and outright boring. Sure it works but you will not be wowed as many other sports betting sites look much better and they have a much better feel to it. In fact, at Bet Pop, they have old-fashioned poker software that the player will need to mess with if they hope to play cards at this website. This is ridiculous considering that every solid sportsbook that offers up a poker room will not only allow you to play without any downloads, they will offer a live interface with great dealers on almost all of their great games, but not at Bet Pop. This shows that at Bet Pop they are still behind the times when it comes to offering up the latest technology.

They do offer a rewards program with three tier levels to include Bronze, Silver, and Gold that offer up a referral bonus and a rebate that gives back to the player in the form of a percentage return on losses. The problem is the only level that really pays is Gold and you will have to play a long time before getting to that point.

The people at Bet Pop have done well with the prices on teasers and parlays, but are mediocre in every other facet of their cookie cutter sports betting site.