Linesmaker – LinesMaker aka is a sports entertainment company providing sports betting, casino games, online poker and horse racing. owned by Jassy Sports Events LTD, a Maltese company. We are committed to providing a secure, enjoyable and comprehensive gaming environment.
LinesMaker Wagering Limits:

According to the website Linesmaker can handle any bet form $10 to one million and can back it up. Linesmaker boasts a 24X7 round the clock customer service and the ability to take any client and make sure they get the respect that they deserve.
LinesMaker Reputation:

Linesmaker is reputable and licensed and therefore is a safe sports book. If safety is the main aspect of why you search for a sports book then you have no areas of concern when it comes to linesmaker. However a quick review of some sites that grade sports books will show that linesmaker gets sub par ratings. This can often be contributed to other things such as being a relatively new book in the business or an offspring of a relatively new book in the business. The bonuses and upfront specials that Linesmaker offer are good, but the new reputation may take awhile for them to catch on.

Final Analysis:

The low rankings I have found on Linesmaker at some reputable ranked sites have me concerned and if you are looking for a sports book to invest a substantial amount of money in I would look elsewhere. If you are looking for a third tier sports book that will off enticing sign up specials and bonuses that I see no harm in giving Linesmaker a try. I would start off small and play recreationally with them until they have a chance to cement their reputation in a shaky industry.