Bet The Globe Sportsbook

Sportsbooks are like friends. Before you pick one you want to know about them and you want to know who they hang out with. If they hang out with some bad people you may now want to make them your friends. When looking at a new place to bet on sports it is very important to know who they work with and who they are associated with.

Bet the Globe is one sportsbook that looks pretty good on the surface. The website seems easy enough to navigate and they have a contact us page that allows their customers to contact customer service whenever they need to. They also have a live chat interface that enables their clients to contact anyone 24 hours a day when a problem may arise. They are located in Curacao and they have had their doors open since 2000, which indicates that they have managed to survive in the sports betting world for over 15 years which says something about this sports betting outlet. However a closer look at Bet the Globe shows that they have a history that is discouraging and they have been connected with some of the worst managers in the sports betting industry.

To understand their past you have to look at Future bet which was a group that hosted many sports betting sites and they all went south for some very ugly procedures that left players scammed and penniless. In the fall of 2007 Future bet-hosted sportsbooks began to realize that player deposited funds, bookmaking profits, as well as money on hand for withdrawals were stolen by the provider. Future bet, now calling itself iGaming Software, claimed it was broke and could not pay its books or their players. Yet some of the managers broke off from this ugly past and attempted to start their own gaming platform and they were connected with Bet The Globe. This already would cast a shadow of doubt over the sports betting section of this book which is not what you want to have when you are considering signing up at a sports betting site.

In this day and age there are many sportsbooks with a flawless history and a flawless management team that has had a positive reputation for creating a great customer service experience. With that in mind, it would be ridiculous to take a chance with a sports betting site that is not 100% secure or that has a dark history of not paying or even scamming a player in the sports betting world.

There is just no need to go back to the old days when taking a chance on a new sports betting platform or a book with a questionable past was worth a shot. Now there still may be an ugly atmosphere around sports betting in an offshore location, but there are too many sports betting sites that have worked hard enough to garner a solid reputation that truly deserve a look while the bottom of the barrel should be avoided and unfortunately that is the case for Bet the Globe. This is a sportsbook that should be passed on until they clean up their act.