Bet Royal Sportsbook

When one hears the word royalty they think of the best of the best. This of course would instantly make people believe that if they are signing up with a sportsbook that dons the name royalty they would be about to sign up with a place that is noble and loaded with respect.

This is something that is common with the sports betting world. Many new sports bettors sign up with sportsbooks just based on the name, a flashy website or a big bonus. This often leads to new sports bettors and rookies losing hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands because they did not do enough research. When signing up at a sports betting site, the real successful and smart handicappers realize that if they sign up with a sports betting site without doing some research, they could be walking into a nightmare.

Bet Royal sportsbook has a catchy name and they have been online since 1999 and are located in sunny San Jose, Costa Rica. They have no restrictions and will take any player that is from any country and they offer up a 30 percent cash bonus. On the surface it sounds like a nice betting establishment to sign up at and bet on sports, the casino or horses at their race book. They also say that they are noticed as a certified sports betting premier sportsbook by the OSGA which is a reputable sport betting site watchdog in the industry. This is all of the reasons that a sports betting fan would need to sign up with a sportsbook.

They also claim to have one of the best banking procedures in the business as they discuss all of these features at their website. They say that they have one of the highest approval rates of credit card deposits, person to person transfers funded by credit cards, more deposit options available with higher transaction limits, the most payouts which are processed within 24 to 48 hours and security phone call recording for every single call. No matter what type of wager you prefer, Bet Royal is dedicated to meeting your wagering needs as they have odds on all major sports, celebrity betting, politics and much more. They also will say that membership has its privileges, as they offer up promotions and giveaways and all of their services which include the Bet Royal loyalty program, personalized professional service, opinionated lines and prompt return of funds.

They do have a problem however as they have been accused of slow pay in the past and even worse. Bet Royal confiscated $500,000 from a group of professionals. In 2004, the players were invited by Bet Royal management to trade prices and betting odds at Bet Royal against other industry sportsbooks. The manager who made the arrangement eventually left to work at Bet US Sportsbook, but the stain remains.

This book looks good on the service, but don’t be fooled. This sportsbook is anything but royal and they will do everything they can to steal your money.