Bet on USA Sportsbook

The United States of America is loaded with sports bettors and people who like to gamble. Because of this, sportsbooks love to target the United States with sportsbooks that cater to the red, white and blue. This not only includes offering great bonuses to the USA, but using the name of the country in the title of their sportsbook.

Bet on USA Sportsbook is obviously looking to cater to players in the United States. They took on the name because they realize that sports bettors in the USA are ready to bet on sports and they love to sign up at new sports betting locations. Bet on USA Sportsbook opened their doors in 2001 to the online sports betting world, but ironically they are not located in the United States, and instead they are based in Canada which is north of the border.

The website that they have looks professional too. They also make some pretty serious claims about what they have to offer. Bet on USA is one of the most reputable gaming sites online today according to their website. They are offering you everything from sportsbook wagering, poker rooms, casino games, fantasy games, which they insist is all to all to accommodate the player who loves to wager.  They say that they make it a priority to understand every customers’ need by controlling and operating their own technical and customer support staff in house, so they can serve you better and build a true honest relationship that you can always depend on anytime, which is ironic when you look at the past of this incredibly shady operation.

They say that they are the world leader in bringing their players the finest quality of entertainment to your screen, with the largest selection of online games available in full 3D graphics and digital sound, which is a complete and utter lie. They also say they they have great things along with all its classic casino games and sportsbook wagering which allows them to strive to be among the first in its class by gaining recognition worldwide for its dependable and experienced customer service staff and its security and honesty for fair play. This is laughable. They are anything but honest and reliable.

This sportsbook is a joke. They are targeting players from the USA and they are looking to steal your money. They are affiliated with other scam books that have stolen thousands if not millions of dollars from players and refused to pay winnings at all.

They are directly connected to Future Bet, formerly iGaming Software (IGS) group which is now calling itself Game Tech Solutions. Future Bet has twice rebranded its company name in an effort to distance itself from its history of theft. They have problems with Future Bet’s past with numerous licensees; and even the most conservative estimates have Future Bet owing $5 million to players, licensees, and staff. This is not a site you want to be a part of and they only have one goal in that mind and that is to steal every dime you have and sucker you out of all of your money.

Don’t let the name fool you Bet on USA Sportsbook is a scam.