Bet Catalina Sports

Sometimes a little says a lot and this can be especially true when researching a sports betting site that you may consider signing up with. When signing up, the new customer is always looking for the best information and that is not always easy to find.

Sometimes it is best to speak with action better than words. This is not the case when discussing a sportsbook and its value to new players. The more information that a sportsbook will share the better it could be for their potential clients.

That is obviously not the case for Bet Catalina Sports. Their site is void of any real information and is dead by all accounts. They even have a link for AOL users which is something that is not been prominent online for decades.  Hopefully, anyone that comes across this site realizes very quickly that this is a place to stay away from. Sportsbook review sites will reveal that this place opened in 2002 and is located in Venezuela, but after that, it is lacking anything that will make a player excited to sign up. This should be a huge cause for concern for anyone that is even considering signing up at this place or dealing with anyone associated with this online sportsbook. It is obviously better used as an agent site so bookies can have an online presence, but overall it is at the bottom of the barrel as far as places that a sports bettor can sign up.

When signing up at a sportsbook the sports bettor will seek out solid information on the place that they are considering. It all starts with reputation and this could be solidified (or not) just by quickly searching the sportsbook in question and seeing what everyone is saying about this book. They also want to look over their betting options, their bonuses and any perks that you may be interested in when you sign up at a location. Then you want to know about their management and their customer service team and how well they take care of their players and you can throw that out the window when you look at Bet Catalina Sports.

They have an ugly reputation in the business and after just six years of being in business they shipped off all of their accounts to a sports betting place called BetVegasVic. This is a sign that you have signed up with a bad sports betting site and to make matters worse it was not much longer after that BetVegasVic shipped off all of their accounts to another sports betting site.

At the Bet Catalina Sports website they do not say much and by not saying much, they say a ton. There are way too many solid sports betting sites in the business to even waste your time by checking out this portal and this also goes for the agent side of the business.

Life is too short to sign up with a bad sportsbook.