Bet 2 Win Sportsbook

When a sports fan wagers on a sporting event, they have one goal in mind and that goal is to bet to win. So when looking for a site to bet on sports they must make sure that it is a reputable sport betting site that has everything that is needed to successfully bet on sports and more importantly to get paid.

Sometimes when sports bettors look for a place to bet at they will not look as deep as they should. One sportsbook that deserves further investigation is Bet 2 Win Sportsbook. They have a catchy name but that does not always equate to a great place to sign up and bet on sports. Their motto is that they are a true diamond in the rough.

The site has an interesting look to it and they have a scrolling marquee that shows the latest sporting events that a player at this site can wager on. They have mobile betting with the diamond advantage which is a brand that they push that suggests that a player can bet at anytime, anywhere with little to no hassle. They also talk about their live casino which they claim is live and ready to go 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They show a quick blurb on their sports betting area but they really don’t say much about it, except that they offer up live lines.

They do not have something that is very important to any sports betting site. They need to have an “About Us” Section that gives the new player more insight about this sports betting site. They don’t discuss where they are from or how long they have been in business.

When you sign up with a sports betting site it is important you know exactly what you are getting into. At Bet 2 Win they do not share information and it seems as though they are hiding information. Bet 2 Win is a sister sportsbook of Don Carbone Sportsbook and Platinum sports book. Each sportsbook shares the same marketing, wagering and customer service departments and this could cause an overload and a traffic jam during the biggest sporting events of the season. To make matters worse the other sportsbooks that they share so much with are also the same sportsbooks that have a bad rating at many of the sports betting review sites that investigate places to bet on sports.

So not only do they not share information but they are affiliated with other sports betting sites that are notoriously bad. Bet 2 Win has been online since 2009, so they have that going for them, but overall they are not a quality sports betting site.

If the new sports bettor does their leg work they will find that there are other sports betting sites that are more deserving of their action. If you are going to send you’re hard earned money to a sports betting site you want to make sure that they have everything that you are looking for and they don’t have enough at Bet 2 Win Sportsbook.