Best Online Teaser Sportsbooks – Top Teaser Odds

One creative way to give yourself a bit of an edge when betting on sports is to put together a teaser. Teasers are a form of parlays, in which a bettor will get a more advantageous set of lines for the teams selected, but will not get the same type of payout. A two-team parlay would pay back 2.64 to 1 at most sportsbooks as a standard price and then would be adjusted based on the lines for the individual sides or totals.

Teasers are different. In a teaser, you sacrifice some of the payback in order to get a better line. The industry standard is to allow teasers from 6-13 points on football and 4-10 points on basketball. More often than not, you’re going to see 6, 6.5, and 7 point teasers in football and anywhere from 4-6 points in basketball. These bet types can be very profitable in certain situations, but, as the name suggests, sometimes they can just be a great, big tease.

The way a teaser works is that the bettor will add a certain number of points to the line in order to get a more favorable situation. Let’s say that the Packers are a two-point underdog. Putting a six-point teaser on the Packers would drive that line up to +8. You get +3, +4, +6, and +7, which are all key numbers in the NFL. The Steelers are a six-point favorite. Playing a six-point teaser with the Steelers would drive that number down to a pick ‘em. So, on your two-team teaser, you would have Packers +8 and Steelers PK, when the original lines were +2 and -6.

Sportsbooks offer different payout prices on teasers, much like they do on parlays. There are industry standards that have been set and then sportsbooks deviate a little bit based on their risk profile. Like shopping around for the best standard lines and the best parlay prices, you want to do the same with the teasers market.

Here are some of our preferred sportsbooks for betting teasers:

  • 1. 5Dimes Sportsbook

    5dimesOne thing that you will notice about a lot of sportsbooks is that not all teasers are created equal. Because the NFL market is very tight, NFL teasers are graded on a different scale than college football teasers. For example, at 5Dimes Sportsbook, a six-point college football two-team teaser will pay back even money. The same six-point teaser in the NFL will only pay back -110. As far as industry prices go, this is the best payback on NFL teasers.

    Three-team teasers will pay +180 in college football on a six-point teaser and +165 on an NFL teaser. That same +165 price will be the payout for a three-team college football teaser at 6.5. For basketball, 5Dimes will pay +107 on a two-team four-point teaser. Some sites start basketball teasers at 4.5 points, so this is definitely an added benefit to being at 5Dimes.

    5Dimes has the best teaser prices in the industry. In most cases, they’ll pay more on the long shot teasers. Where most sportsbooks pay back +2500 on 10-team, six-point teasers, 5Dimes will pay +2600.


  • 2. BetAnySports Sportsbook

    BetanysportsFor those just starting out, perhaps BetAnySports is the place for you. If you have a limited bankroll, but just want to get involved and learn, BAS offers wager limits as low as 50 cents so that you can get an understanding for the industry and the processes before investing more money. BAS is part of the 5Dimes family of books, which also includes Viebet, so the teaser payouts are the same over there.

    One of the cool things about BAS and 5Dimes is that they also offer some different payouts based on the type of teaser that you want to play. You can pick a teaser where ties win, ties lose, or ties reduce the payout. With a ties reduce two-team, six-point NFL teaser, the payback is +100. When ties win the payback is -105. Ties lose teasers are only available when the teaser is 9.5 points or higher, but options are always a good thing.


  • 3. BetOnline Sportsbook

    BetOnlineYou take the good with the bad at BetOnline Sportsbook. All football teasers pay -110 on a two-team, six-point teaser, which is nice given that some of the other sportsbooks in the industry charge you a little bit more vig on the NFL. They’ll also pay +260 on a four-team, six-point teaser, which is 10 cents higher than DSI. Unfortunately, BetOnline has some things to pay attention to in the fine print. Any teaser that crosses both three and seven points is subject to a “premium charge”, which is five cents per team. That means that a two-team, six-point teaser like the one above would only pay -115 because the Packers go through +3 and +7.

    Other small print includes a premium charge for teasing off of 3 or off of 7 while crossing over the other number. The charge is only three cents for three-team or four-team teasers that are going through those key numbers. Considering BetOnline’s payouts are a little bit higher than DSI’s, thus comparable to 5Dimes, they’ll still make the top five here, but it can be disappointing to see a policy that punishes the player for being smart and getting an edge.


  • 4. BetDSI Sportsbook

    BetDSIOne of the shortcomings of DSI Sportsbook is that they cap football teasers at 10 teams and basketball teasers at seven teams. Other sportsbooks offer teasers up to 15 teams for both sports. That being said, you’re still going to get treated fairly over at DSI with teasers. Like 5Dimes, they offer even money back on a two-team, six-point college football teaser. Most sportsbooks in the industry aren’t willing to do that.

    The big difference, and the reason why DSI comes second in this list, is that a six-point NFL two-team teaser comes back at -120 instead of -110 like over at 5Dimes. A three-team six-point teaser comes back at the same +155 rate, whether it is the NFL or college football. A four-team, six-point teaser for either football league pays back +250. DSI doesn’t pay back as well on the long shots like 10-teamers or eight-teamers, but the majority of players are looking at two and three-team teasers and they are right there in terms of those.


  • 5. Sportsbook

    mybookieMyBookie Sportsbook is really carving out a nice niche in the industry. The user-friendly design is bright and inviting. There are a lot of reasons to sign up over there, especially if you’re looking for something that is a little bit “off-brand” and has some more flexibility to do some different things. As far as teasers go, MyBookie offers pretty comparable prices to what’s out there in the market. A two-team, six-point teaser comes in at -120 for both NFL and college, which isn’t quite up to par with the others listed above, but there is no premium upcharge for crossing key numbers.

    Like other sportsbooks, those that are able to hit a 10-team teaser, which shouldn’t be as crazy as it sounds with the ability to do teasers on both sides and totals, will get a +2500 return on their investment. That’s the same as places like BetOnline.