Bellagio SportsBook

Las Vegas is known as Sin City and it attracts tourists from all over the world every year as they all clamor to be a part of the glitz and glamour that the city has to offer. The Bellagio is one of the top names that people rush to see and take pictures of just so they can say that they were at one of the most famous locations in all of Las Vegas.

Bellagio has always made a point of being one of the best when it comes to hotels and casinos so it only makes sense that they want to keep up with the other sportsbooks. That is where the Bellagio sportsbook steps up to take on all comers and entertain the masses.

The Bellagio Sportsbook has the perfect location sitting right next to the popular poker room and right across from the Starting Gate bar popular for its variety of drink and amenities. They say in real estate location is everything and the same can be said for the Bellagio Sportsbook. It is the perfect draw for action during huge sporting events and if you prefer to watch a game you bet on with a big group of people cheering for (or against) your wager than the Bellagio Sportsbook is a must-stop on your sports book wish list.

The inside of the Bellagio Sportsbook caters to comfort with huge leather chairs ample for watching the big game and a nearby snack bar for a quick bite during commercials. The wait staff is both quick and courteous and ready to bring your favorite libations at a moment’s notice. They are world renown for allowing customers to name their liquor instead of bringing the generic version of your favorite drink. This has drawn rave reviews from many of the satisfied customers that have visited the Bellagio Sportsbook.

The Bellagio Sportsbook is monstrous and covers over 5,000 feet of wall-to-wall sports and race betting. They have 51 televisions and 99 individual desk monitors that cover the latest sports betting event. This includes 13 jumbo screens and over 200 seats spread throughout the sports book floor. Half of those seats are private seating or booths allowing for a personal monitor to control what you watch.

The betting windows are numerous and the offer all of the most popular betting options that is offered at other sports books in Las Vegas. They allow betting on money lines, for all big sporting events and offer future odds on other big draws from the sporting world. They also allow unique and individual propositions on players and plays as the game is in progress depending on the event and the time of year.

High rollers love to set up camp at Bellagio Sportsbook as the limits are among the highest in the state and they are no stranger to taking large action on any give game.

The Bellagio Sportsbook is more than just a name. They are a location that entices visitors and delivers on all of the expectations.