AZ Sportsbook and Casino

If a sportsbook wants to have a good reputation they must have everything covered from A to Z. This includes reputation, bonuses, customer service and many of the things that a sports bettor looks for when they sign up at a place to bet on sports.

The sportsbook and casino that is known as AZ Casino and sportsbook tries to be the one place that has a solid reputation, great customer service staff and bonuses galore but they fall short in a very big way. For one they have already changed their name due to many customer complaints. When you go to their website you will see that they now go by the name Go to Entertainment. They have been online since 1998 and they offer up a 50 percent cash bonus for all of their players and they do not offer any restrictions to any country.

Their website suggests that this is a one of a kind place to bet on sports or play in the casino. Their mission is to provide a safe, legal, easy gaming outlet for our members. At Go To Entertainment they claim to take pride in itself based on its excellent record in customer service and reliable payout performance. They also believe that they have the most innovative gaming software on the internet and that they will continue to provide the highest quality in online wagering services throughout the future. However that is almost exactly opposite to what has happened to this sports betting site and casino.

This sportsbook has had problems as recently as 2014 as they have had complaints about players that have not been paid in a timely manner or at all. The latest complaint suggested that the player was not paid $600 and instead the casino questioned his play. Whether this is true or not, a sportsbook and casino does not want to have the reputation of that they do not pay their players especially when the amount is as low as $600 bucks.

One look at their sports betting site and you will quickly realize that they are not on the forefront of the most modern technology. Their website is basic at best and one of their most interactive sections of this site is the fact that they have a sports betting glossary which is outdated and not needed in this day and age.

They also have no live chat feature and they have a customer service staff that is not readily available. This is just the start of the many problems for this sports betting site. Many sportsbooks that have encountered problems often will change their name and hope that the players that they have scammed will think they are signing up at a new sports betting site.

They may be called Go To Entertainment or AZ Casino but in reality they are not good regardless what name they have on their website. Don’t be fooled and instead figure out a better place to bet on sports or enjoy some time in the casino.