Aria SportsBook & Racebook Review

One of the top brands in Las Vegas is Aria with plenty of luxurious outlets on the strip and beyond as they go over-the-top to celebrate Las Vegas and make it very enjoyable for all of the tourists that flock to Sin City. They bring that same type of expertise and comfortable feel to their sports book.

The Aria Sportsbook is like watching the game in an oversized living room with the best televisions and girlfriend that will bring you a drink whenever you need it. The Aria Sportsbook takes pride in creating a comfortable atmosphere and changing the sports book environment from a frat party to a nice setting to actually enjoy the game and absorb the entire Aria Sportsbook experience.

The Aria Sportsbook may not be as a big as some of the other sports books in Las Vegas and they have isolated the sports book from removing it from the main gaming floor, but it serves a purpose. It has a modern and very sleek look that includes soft and plush seating for more than one. Big loveseats and couches accompany coffee tables for a lax atmosphere that allows the sports bettor to take it all in and take a load off at the same time. Unlike other sports books the Aria Sports book gives the priority to the sports betting fan, not the racing fan. The race section of the book is smaller and set off to the side. The Aria Sports book still has everything that a racing fan would want but they make it very clear that betting on sports is the main focus of the room.

Aria Sportsbook also covers all of the action better than any other book. They are the only sports book to boast 137 televisions on nearly every space possible on the wall. They cover every sporting event possible even on a busy NFL Sunday and they are top quality televisions. Most sportsbooks will settle for older projection screens and non-HD televisions, but not Aria Sports book. They only have the state-of-the art viewing devise for the best possible experience in Las Vegas.

Aria Sportsbook has a courteous wait staff that is always ready to serve you with your choice of beverage. Aria Sports book offers drink tickets when placing a wager, but unlike other books they also allow you to pay cash which is much more convenient to get a quick drink instead of waiting to place a bet to be rewarded with an refreshment. If it gets too busy there are other options as the Aria Sports book has a sports bar right next door with a to-go window where you can quickly grab a beer or drink of your choice as well as a a bar right next to the book.

Overall the Aria Sports book allows the sports bettor to enjoy a complete afternoon without worry. Other books may be bigger, but no book caters to comfort like they do at Aria Sports book.