Aloha Sportsbook

Sometimes sports betting fans like to sign up at a site that they have heard is very good at offering up a platform to bet on sports. They also like to sign up at a site or at a place that looks familiar because they assume that if it looks like another site, then it must be a great site. That assumption is not only wrong, but it could cost a new sports bettor thousands.

One look at Aloha Sportsbook and you will get Déjà vu. It looks like several other sports betting sites that are in business today. The layout, the format and even the wording looks familiar. Well it should look familiar because it is the exact same layout of other sports betting sites like Legend Sportsbook. In fact if you investigate you will find that there is a long list of sports betting sites that look alike, but have different names.

When you read the front page at Aloha Sportsbook you will see that they talk a big game.

They start by asking you to bet on sports online with this sports betting site. Aloha Sportsbook wants to give you the opportunity to transform your sports passion into some money. At this book you can bet on all major sporting events, as well as horse racing and play more than 100 casino games online, all in one comfortable and secure place. They claim to have the widest variety of wager types, where you can bet on Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Boxing and many more!

They also like to cater to the fan of horse racing. You can choose your horse to win the Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and a lot of more races, or go with a place, show, trifecta or quinella. For a complete listing of races available visit the Horse betting section and see what they have to offer.

They claim that customer service is ready to help you out as long as an event is taking place. That is their way of saying that they are not available 24 hours a day although they claim that their services run 24 hours a day, seven days per week and 365 days a year. They also have an online casino, offering more than 100 games, each one playable from any platform and device, and you can mix things up a little bit with the contests section, including some classics like 33 Club, March Madness Bracket and Last Man Standing.

What they don’t say is what you really should be concerned with. They are backed by Apex Sportsbook a company that has scammed thousands of dollars out of their client base. They scam people until they are found out and then they close their doors and relaunch an army of sites and they do it all again. Their latest front is Aloha sportsbook and that means that you should avoid this sportsbook. The feel may be familiar but the nightmare is real. Stay away from Aloha Sportsbook.