Action Bets


Sports betting is all about getting in on the action. Getting in on the action when your favorite team plays or of your favorite sporting event is important to a diehard sports bettor. This is why the avid sports bettor that likes to bet on multiple sports during the season has to have a sportsbook that can get them in action right away.

Action bets sportsbook claims to have everything that the diehard sports bettor will need. However, one visit to the site shows that they are bland at best on the surface. They have been around a long time as they opened their doors in 1999 and they are located in San Jose Costa Rica which is where some of the bets sports betting sites in the world are located.

The problem is that the website offers up many red flags that should make the sports bettor curious. The site also has many claims. They are offering a wide array of sports to wager on, and Action Bets is always on the search to provide their players with great game betting options. From teasers to parlays, from futures to wacky propositions, they claim that they add more game excitement than any other sportsbook. They are open and enthusiastic to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that is only by a phone number and perhaps by email. In this day and age it is very important to offer a live chat feature so the clients can get in touch with a sports betting site in an instant and that is not found at Action Bets Sportsbook.

Whatever the sporting event, they claim to have you covered. Yet that is hard to tell from looking at their website. They are also an agent sports betting site which means that bookies use this site to track their own players. This is usually a bad sign because many reputable sportsbooks today do not offer this service. There is also another area of concern and that is their reputation.

In 2006-2007 Action bets ran into some serious financial issues. They had problems with Neteller and they could not pay most of their players. The ended up making big rollovers or slow paying only when they had the resources. Action Bets is now operated by Bet Eagle which is part of Eagle Data Processing. Due to the financial processing void left by Neteller, many small and medium-sized sportsbooks have opted to allow third party services or larger sportsbooks to service remaining players. While this is not uncommon in the sports betting world it is a clear indication that you will want to take your sports betting business somewhere else.

Action Bets has too much baggage in their history in all of the wrong areas to be trusted. When looking to sign up at a sports betting site the first thing that you want to look at is the payout process and the history of their payouts. Action Bets does not have a good history and because of this the sports bettor needs to take their action elsewhere.