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Last Updated: 2018-07-24

ABC Islands SportsbookThe search for a top-rated sportsbook is an endless endeavor that even the savviest veterans can mishandle. The key is to really dig deep and look into the sportsbook that you may sign up with to make sure that you are signing up with a place that is safe and secure.

When looking for a quality rated sports betting site, it could often be a case of who you know. For example, many sportsbooks are a part of a bigger family and that connection can reveal just how solid a sports betting site is. That is what you get when you look at a sportsbook like ABC Islands.

ABC Islands has a simple name, but that does not mean that they are a simple site. They have a connection to another sportsbook as well as they are part of Jazz Sports family. That can be a good thing if you think that Jazz Sports has a solid platform and a great reputation.

ABC Islands has been online since 1998 and they are located in Costa Rica which has become a safe haven for sports betting sites to set up shop. The bonus that they offer is a 100 percent bonus, but it is not delivered in cash, yet instead, they give it out in the form of a free play. This means that the sports bettor will have to win their free play bet if they want to turn it into betting cash. This is common practice at many sportsbooks and at least they do give out a 100 percent bonus while other books offer much less.

Their website offers up a quick look inside what they have to offer for every customer. This includes the best lines in the industry with the fastest payouts and the most highly praised customer service in the industry. However, a quick review of their site at many of the highly revered sportsbook review sites will suggest that they have had problems when it comes to slow payouts.

They have some betting options that other sportsbooks do not offer which may attract your betting action. For example, when Major League Baseball begins, they offer a true dime line which can be very difficult to find. This feature makes ABC Islands a place to consider when betting on baseball this summer.

They also have some of the better teaser odds and payouts. If you like to bet on teasers you realize that different sites have different odds and therefore different payouts which can make this place an appealing place to wager for the teaser bettor.

They boast same day payouts as well as mobile betting and a live casino dealer interface which gives the players the chance to get human interaction when enjoying the casino. They also offer up betting articles, pay per head services, odds and news as well as a parlay and a teaser calculator.

When signing up at a sportsbook make sure to read the fine print before you join!

Quick Facts

Name: ABC Islands
Established: 1998
BTB Rating: C-
Bonus: 10-100%
Bonus Code:
Live Betting: No
Poker: No