Sportsbook Reviews: The Top Parlay Sportsbooks

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Sportsbook Reviews: The Top Parlay Sportsbooks

Last Updated: 2014-05-19

Before getting into the sportsbooks, first let’s define exactly what a parlay wager is. A parlay is basically a bet made up of a combination of two or more game selections where a win is only possible if all of the selections are winners. If one of the selections loses, then the whole wager is lost and where the bet is won, the winnings are parlayed, or bet again. The kicker with this type of wager is that the more teams that you include in the parlay the more money you can win. That is why some refer to this type of wager as a lottery ticket. You do not have to bet big to win big.

At our popular sportsbook review site we offer up the odds on each sportsbook when it comes to betting on parlays. Different sportsbooks will offer up different odds on parlays, therefore if you like to bet on a lot of parlays it is important to get the most money for your wager. That is why sportsbooks like become very attractive for the sports bettor that enjoys betting with parlays. has a reduced juice night that allows the sports bettor to bet on games with a (-105) line as opposed to the normal (-110) base line. By using this lower line it will increase your payouts on any parlay wager.

However if you love to bet big parlays and take a shot at the big payday, then perhaps the sportsbook for you is 5 Dimes. 5 Dimes has reduced juice as well, but where they really shine is in the amount of teams that they let a bettor put in a parlay. Many sportsbooks limit the amount of teams that can be included a parlay to cover their losses in case a big one hits, but not at 5 Dimes. You can put together a 25 team parlay at 5 Dimes and that can turn into a very big payday.

Other great sportsbooks like BetDSI and Bookmaker are also strong customer based sportsbooks to consider when betting with parlays. Whether you love or hate betting on sports, using parlays, it is vital to bet at a reputable sportsbook. When you win you want to get paid and these sportsbooks will make sure that you have a great experience and a quick payout every time!

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