Western Union Sportsbook Deposits

Depositing money into a sports book has changed dramatically over the years. Originally when the sports gambling boom began the procedure of depositing money was tricky at best and often a scary proposition with the outcome always being a questionable endeavor. However over the years this has changed dramatically as sports books have made the process easy and pain free.

One of the easiest processes that puts cash into your sports betting account is the money transfer. The money transfer or the money wire is one of the most common ways to put money into your sports betting account. This process is used via such agencies as western union or money gram and it allows the player to go to any location and send money directly to their account. Although it has had some issues in the past, the process has been perfected by many of the top sportsbooks in the online gaming industry today.

Here are the top three sports books that have perfected the money transfer process, allowing the client to easily and safely place money into their players account.

1. BetOnline
BetOnline is the leader in processing money transfers. They have perfected the process by allowing the procedure to be done 100 percent online. Through the easy banking section of their website they allow the player to quickly get the information to send the money and a quick outlet to process the procedure so the money and the bonus is in the players account as soon as possible. Out of all the top-rated online sportsbooks, BetOnline has set the bar for others to follow when it comes to the money transfer.

2. GTBets
GTBets may not have the prestige and status as some of the other sports books, but they do have a great customer service base that will help with money transfers. GTBets also gives up to a 100 percent bonus when depositing with the money transfer option.

3. BetDSI
BetDSI is hands down one of the best sportsbooks in the online gaming industry so it makes sense that they have mastered the depositing process. They start off by offering high limits for each process so if you like to play big money on betting sports and use the money transfer option then BetDSI is the place to wager. They will allow up to $3000 per transfer. If done properly, money transfer is the most efficient way to send money to your sports betting account and these three sports books are at the top of their game.

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