5Dimes Parlay Odds

5dimes sportsbook review

5Dimes is a sportsbook that has stood the test of time over the years. As many sports books come and go, 5Dimes is still alive and kicking and delivering the best odds and options than anyone in the online industry. This also holds true for the parlay betting that is offered by 5Dimes.

The parlay bet is one of the most attractive bets in all of sports.

A parlay is a group of straight bets of either spreads/moneylines or totals combined into one bet with an increased pay out. These increased payouts is the biggest draw of parlay bettors and the reason that bettors step up to the betting window on a daily basis to get their big parlays in.

The parlay is an all or nothing proposal.

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If there is a push, cancellation, or no action in one or more of your parlay picks, the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams. 5Dimes is just like other sportsbooks in the odds that they deliver. The odds for a two-team parlay is 2.64/1 which is even with the industry standard. However, 5Dimes steps it up a notch with the amount of teams that they will allow a sports bettor to parlay.

Many sportsbooks will have a cap on the amount of teams that they allow to be placed in a parlay. That cap is anywhere from 10-15 teams, but at 5Dimes they raise the bar.

5Dimes allows up to 25 teams to be included in a parlay as long as the bet is placed online. The attraction of the larger parlays will bring in the parlay bettors who believe they have a winning strategy to make money betting on parlays.

5Dimes also offers open parlays allowing clients to leave slots open and fill them in as they find the wager they would like. 5Dimes is unique in many ways when it comes to parlay betting and that is why they are a must-have sportsbook out for anyone that loves to bet on parlays.


Parlay Payoffs:

Teams Payoff
2 2.64/1
3 6/1
4 12.28/1
5 24.35/1
6 47.41/1
7 91.42/1
8 175.44/1
9 335.85/1
10 642.08/1
11 1226.70/1
12 2342.79/1
13 4473.51/1
14 8541.25/1
15 16306.94/1


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