Sportsbook News: BoDog Rebrands Itself As Bovada


Calvin Ayre has been known as one of the most out in the open sportsbook owners in the world, and this week, he has announced his next step towards dominating his brand. Bodog Sportsbook has shut its doors to American clients, but unlike other sportsbooks, who have often left players hanging with other sportsbooks that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with, Ayre has started up “Bovada,” a sportsbook run by the same operators as the ones who run BoDog.

The BoDog name has become tremendous not just in the United States, but in Europe and Asia as well. BoDog will continue operating in those locations, and the push to become a tremendous sportsbook in those domains is still on.

For American players though, there is very little that you will notice in terms of change. Should you try to access, the newer domain from the old, you will be transferred to a new landing page for Bovada. There, you will find that the layout look snazzier than it ever was under the BoDog name, and you’ll also see all of the great betting options, including a slew of props on virtually every sport you can imagine.

Bovada really hasn’t slowed down either. You can bet at Bovada already using your Smart Phone, your iPhone, or any tablet device, and the software appears to be as flawless as there is on the internet.

Signing up at Bovada is easier than ever before, and there are a slew of sportsbook bonuses that are going to be available to you for the new launch of the site. The sportsbook itself is offering up to $1,600 in bonuses for new sign-ups, along with all of the other great options that BoDog offered to its customers.

Your user name, account balances, and open bets remain exactly the same with Bovada, and you can access the sportsbook or racebook the exact same way you used to with BoDog. The only glitch at the moment is that you are going to need a new poker software. Bovada has its own poker software program that you will have to download, but the function works exactly the same as BoDog’s did.

You can access this new sportsbook at

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Aaron Ryan

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