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hi-res-151660509_crop_exact is back with another great set of NFL betting props for the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. Join us for the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks prop picks for this NFC West duel at Candlestick Park.

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 37.5 Yards (-115): This is a really low number for two teams that have defenses and special teams units that can be explosive. Last year alone, there were three touchdowns just by the special teams in this series, and that figures to at least potentially be the case this time as well. Sure, Seattle isn’t likely to score a long touchdown like this all that often, but the 49ers definitely can, and they can do it with their home run hitters on both sides of the football. More often than not, there will probably be a touchdown that covers half the field in this game.

Marshawn Lynch Under 75.5 Rushing Yards: Let’s remember that this is one of the most vaunted rush defenses that the NFL has to offer in that of the 49ers. Lynch is a great back, and he is going to get the ball a minimum of 18 times tonight, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to be running all over the place. LB Patrick Willis was embarrassed at how badly he and his linebackers played last week, and just five days later comes the opportunity to make amends. We think that Lynch will struggle just to reach 50 yards in this game, let alone 76. The Niners should be dominating up front.

Alex Smith Total Completions Under 19 (+100): Even money says that Smith is going to end up spending some more additional time on the bench this week, particularly if he is struggling. It is clear that at some point, though perhaps not this year, QB Colin Kaepernick is going to be taking over under center, and he is getting more and more reps as the weeks go by. Smith isn’t going to be put in too many positions to fail in this one, but asking him to get to 20 completions when he is averaging under 19 per game isn’t really something that we would be all that excited about. Smith feels like he is in for a 17-of-25 game for 220 yards with a couple big plays and maybe a pick. Twenty completions is a long, long way away from that mark.

Frank Gore to Score a Touchdown (+110): Seattle’s defense ranks No. 1 in the NFL this year against the rush, but that’s a challenge that the 49ers are going to be testing with their No. 1 ranked rushing offense. Gore isn’t the horse that he once was, but he is clearly the goal line back of he and RB Kendall Hunter, and he is going to get a crack or two at pay dirt. Remember that Gore scored a touchdown in four of his first five games of the year, and last week’s game against the New York Giants really just seemed to be a waste. Expect to see the former Miami rusher log at least his 58th career touchdown on Thursday night.

Randy Moss Under 2.5 Receptions (-140): And why did the oddsmakers all of a sudden think that Moss is going to catch three passes in a game more often than not? Sure, No. 84 had two receptions last week, both of which went for at least 20 yards, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to find the field often enough to really make a difference in this one, especially with as well as WR Michael Crabtree is playing at the moment. The last time that Moss had more than 2.5 receptions in a game was back in Week 3’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. It just doesn’t make all that much sense to us that he is going to be able to haul in three passes, knowing that most of the time, Moss is sitting on the bench.

Randy Moss Longest Reception Under 22.5 Yards (-115): Same logic. If Moss doesn’t catch a pass, we’re a winner. He has caught a grand total of just one pass this year that has gone for more than 20 yards, and that came last week against the Giants on a 55-yard bomb. Sure, Smith takes his shots to Moss, but they are few and far between. Everyone knows what Moss is doing on the field when he is out there though, and that’s why defenses have been able to key on him.

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