San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks: NBA Free Pick

San Antonio Spurs
(27-4, 18-12-1 ATS)

Dallas Mavericks
(24-6, 18-10-2 ATS)



All eyes might be on the two TNT duels tonight in NBA betting action, but if you’re really looking for the best game of the night, the Lone Star State shootout between the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs is one to be sure to catch.

It’s amazing to think that the Spurs are still on a clip to win over 70 games this year and that they are just refusing to lose to anyone in the league. A 15 point win at home against the Los Angeles Lakers was absolutely a statement game a couple of nights ago, as it really sent a message to the champs that they are not to be messed with. San Antonio knows that it can do the same type of thing against the team with the second best record in the league tonight. Tony Parker is coming off of a 23 point game against the Lakers, which raised his scoring average to 17.9 points per game. He is leading the team in shooting percentage as well at 51.9 percent, which is something that is incredibly rare for a point guard. Parker has to feel like he has plenty to prove after an offseason in which he was rumored to be getting traded, and many in San Antonio wondered why he was still hanging around after a year in which he was injured a ton and just didn’t produce. Now, as the team’s second leading scorer, Spurs fans have nothing that they can do but smile at the Frenchman’s production.

Dallas would have been in fantastic shape in this game had Dirk Nowitzki, the team’s pride and joy, been injured a few nights ago against the Oklahoma City Thunder. You can bet, especially after a woeful 84-76 loss at home to the Toronto Raptors, that Nowitzki is going to do everything that he can to get back on the court in this divisional and instate tussle. He is the team’s leader in scoring at 24.1 points per game, and he is the reason that this squad is playing such caliber ball that it, too is on a pace to win right around 70 games. If the German nation player doesn’t give it a go on Thursday, Jason Terry is going to be the team’s leading scorer on the court at 15.9 points per game, and there will only be three players that are capable of scoring double digits on the average night left to work with. What we saw in that game against Toronto is that, at least for now, there just isn’t enough offense to work with if Dirk isn’t out there.

There’s a part of us that is hoping that Nowitzki doesn’t play to push the NBA odds up in this one. Dallas is still a fantastic team defensively, even without its superstar in the fold, and you can bet that this will be the unit that has to win this game. With Nowitzki in the lineup, the Mavs have already played well against the Spurs this year. They’ll find a way to win this one with or without him in the game on Thursday.

NBA Free Pick: Dallas Mavericks

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