Progressive Parlay Betting at Vietbet


Last Updated: 2017-07-18

The sports betting fanatic loves to look for a sports betting outlet that offers everything that they need. This could of course, mean different things to different sports bettors depending on what they like. This is why it is essential for a sports bettor that is looking for a new place to bet to do their research before signing up.

Vietbet Sportsbook is a place that demands your attention. First and foremost they have a legendary reputation in the sports betting business. This stems from their relationship as a part of the 5Dimes family. This instantly gives them the credentials that they need to be considered one of the best sports betting sites in the online gaming business.

This reputation is led by connections and their longevity in the business but it is concreated by their customer service staff which is second to none in the business and always ready to serve their loyal clients.

They also offer up a hearty sports betting menu for the new player that offers the normal wagering options and a slew of other types of wagers which includes progressive betting with parlays and teasers.

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These types of parlays expand the betting options for the new bettor. A progressive parlay is very similar to a regular parlay. However, with a progressive parlay, there is a consolation payout for having incorrect selections, which you will not get with a normal parlay. Once they consider the minimum amount of correct selections for a payout, each additional correct selection increases the parlay payout odds. A progressive parlay with a correct amount of selections that is not listed on the payout chart is a loser. This puts a twist on the normal parlay and gives the sports bettor more chances to win and more ways to enjoy sports gambling.

They also have another way to enjoy parlays. They have the Multi-Chance parlay option. A Multi-Chance Parlay is similar to a progressive parlay, as you may still win with incorrect selections. However, the payouts do not increase with more correct selections. Once the minimum amount of correct selections has been won, the Multi-chance play will be a winner, giving the sports bettor a different way to bet on sports. Many new sportsbooks limit your options but at Vietbet your options increase as they enjoy giving sports bettors more ways to win and easier ways to bet on their favorite sport each and every day from their multi-faceted sports betting platform.

If you are serious about sports betting then you want to have as many options as possible. At Vietbet they have more than one way to bet on sports and they also have a solid reputation. This coupled with bonuses, a vivid live betting platform and an easy mobile betting feature, is what makes this one of the best sportsbooks online today when it comes to the ease of use and availability of plays from a sports betting perspective. Sign up at Vietbet today and get the betting options that you deserve!

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