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On 05/01/2013 10:37 AM in Contests

May Contests LIVE

All the may contests are now live. The Streaker is running daily as usual, and we have added a MLB POD for May, deadline to enter is the 12th so you can make the required 20 picks, we also have a NBA/NHL Playoff POD combined contest same deadline of the 12th to make 20 picks for the month. Should be fun as the NHL cappers battle the NBA cappers. Max ML is -150 for this one.

Also starting as soon as it is full is or May 15th which ever comes sooner is a test run 13 run MLB contest, it costs only 1 point to enter. Since its the first run and in "testing" please note that it could need to be canceled prior to ending due to programming issues. SO its 1pt to play, $100 free play to winner should we have one. First come first serve!

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