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On 10/06/2011 03:33 AM in NFL

Pick of the week 10/9/11

Hey friends, each week I like to have a PICK OF THE WEEK that I usually use in several parlays!!!! Since I have recently discovered this AMAZING site I can now post my POW and get all of your EXPERT opinions, and thoughts before i pull the trigger.....

I got my card delivered today and it is as follows:

Colts -2/38 Chiefs
Minn -2.5/44 Zona
Eagles -3/49.5 Bills
Texans -6/49 Raiders
Saints -6/52.5 Panthers
Jags -2/37 Cincy
Steelers -8 Titans
Giants -10/41.5 Seattle
San Fran =1.5/40.5 Tampa
Patriots -9.5/50 Jets
Chargers -4/47 Broncos
PACKERS -5.5/54 Falcons
Lions -6/47.5 Bears

These lines will NOT CHANGE, what you see is what I get, cards have to be turned in Fridays....

Right now my POW is the PACKERS -5.5 @ Atlanta.... I just dont see Atlanta being able to keep this game within TWO TDs much less 5.5??? But as I have mentioned before I am NOT an expert by ANY MEANS so I have posted this on here hopeing to get SEVERAL other opinions!!! Thanks friends, and good luck to all!!!!

If you disagree with my POW, PLEASE feel free to post YOUR POW and thoughts.

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10/06/2011 04:38 AM

Good luck

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10/06/2011 09:21 AM

You like G. Bay,I like Atlanta but WTF do I know. Lol