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I tell my followers every so often and those who are new to the forum, there's a handful of days in the world of sports that one needs to take a second look at the overall matchups. Friday beings for the most part with the exception of wraparounds new series and venues for the weekend. In addition, there have already been a couple of overnight pitching changes.

Tonight's schedule features a lot of streaky pitchers and clubs taking streaks and slumps into the upcoming weekend. If you're a between the lines matchup and elements guy like me, you can either turn around or enhance your week with a bangup Friday, or either do a complete 360 or further sustain damage due to unexpected results or games decided by the bullpen or whoever is last at bat. Now of course this philosophy just doesn't accentuate or apply to Fridays. When you have multiple games going on simultaneously or under the lights, selection becomes a lot more scrutinizing, diversified or disciplined.

So best of luck with whatever your plays may be. If you are looking well into the numbers to handicap your plays, proceed with caution and succeed! As a personal side note, the NBA feels a lot more promising as the bases plays are mostly limited in units. GL

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