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BettingArea - personal sports betting service

My name's David and I'm actually living in United Kingdom. I am former footballer (of course not famous like Lampard or Gerrard). In all my career I was playing in few countries like Germany, Spain, France, England, Greece, Italy, even in scandinavian countries but mostly in lower divisions. After the end of my carrer I started interesting sports betting and math. Now after 8 years I have everything which needs a professional tipster. So far I've been working few betting companies.

Why did I make this website ?
To help you earn of course.

On this website you can search only good bets and informations from my friends which I've met when I playing in football. What does it mean ? It means that all bets should be in high winning accuracy and it's better when you can trust people who know their league like their own house.

On the net there are a many "magical" or other similar strategies which help you to decrease a number of losses etc. My strategy is very simple - ASIAN HANDICAPS.

In asian handicaps we have some kind of advantage because there are only 2 types of selections, not 3 (1x2). Many bookmakers offer us asian lines and I spent a lot of hard work to improve my skills and "hit the target" more and more. At the moment my average win accuracy is around 70%-75%. Asian handicaps are calculated very deeply to set the best line in every sports event but sometimes experts make mistakes - that's why I'm here. I help you to find value and also thanks to my sources choose the best option.

All informations about my service here: