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On 04/21/2013 05:20 AM in NBA

Saturday results to be continued..

This nets team is totally different than any other nets team in the last 5 years. With Chicago an injury plagued team,
I really doubt they can pull this one out. Without a healthy Noah, Lopez will do whatever he wants on offense.

Bulls press said Noah was hurting but would start the game. And start he did, but couldn't finish as he was ineffective -
got thrown to the floor by Lopez in his domination.

Sad that the big bucks are guaranteed & paid to players even if they sit out
with a sore baby-toe
or to get rest for bigger & better games ahead.
The old days of sports clubs had guys play to get pay, producing real veteran tough guys.
These days we're left with billion-dollar-babies with their biz-agents

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04/21/2013 05:24 AM

Take Ty as leading scorer, but not now: Andre Miller.
That's a playah who's capable of 5 steals while putting up a triple-double digit affair every time he steps on a b-ball court. Very under-the-radar, humble, low-key guy and yet is very dangerous: Ultimate team-player.
He boxes-out & rebounds and looks for easy baskets via his assists - a natural born triple double machine.
So with pressure performance capacity, such as dribble-down-the-clock for a 1-on-1,
he trumps any and all 3-pt dudes who are not so well-rounded on a basketball court.

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04/21/2013 05:29 AM

There's no way 2 star guards on MILW won't get some stepped-up help,
rather than just concede a blowout loss and go down w/o a fight.
Just a few too many points at a Pro level, especially in a playoff.