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Here is sporting (Betting Info you need to learn and understand in betting world)

Now let’s go over the money management of the bets. For the purposes of our example, we’re working with 5 cent juice, or ‘vig.’ This means you risk $105 for every $100 you want to win. In the past, every sportsbook would charge you $110 to win $100 on both sides. That comes out to a 20 cent spread. But because of the competitive nature of the business, reduced juice is now almost the standard. Without looking very hard you can find a book that only has a 10 cent spread. This means if it’s -105 on one side, it will be -105 on the other side. Over the long run, this really helps you in terms of the winning % you need to turn a profit. – Your normal bet amount. If you bet to win $100 or $500, this is what you want to start with. As a Long Time sports bettor, you know me as VyperATS, I recommend using between 2-5% of your starting bankroll for each wager. Fluctuations in your standard bet will most likely cause more damage during the lows than it will help during the highs. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the MAGIC NUMBER to remember is 52.4%. This is the win percentage you need to achieve to make a profit betting on football and basketball with typical 10 cent juice. Think about it: If you bet $1,000 a game, over the course of 1000 games with 5 cent juice available at a reduced juice sportsbook, and you hit 55% you would profit $77,500. If you hit 58% of those same games you would profit $139,000. People who say they hit 65-75% is a bold face lie! Vegas would go out of business and they would be billionaires!!
And for all you who tail people as they are hot and when the have a cold streak you bad mouth them and post stupid ass remarks!! Everybody the sharps,wize guys and best of the best have hot & cold streaks you ass!! But most of these people will profit at end of year!! I have been doing this over 5 years and never not made less than 40,000 a year! But I’ve had bad day’s weeks and so on!! You don’t like people to judge you post??? You ass it’s to get better and look at different angle so learn! Those who think they know it all no nothing!! THE MORE I LEARN, THE MORE I THEN UNDERTSAND HOW MUCH I DON’T KNOW!..................MONEY MANAGEMNET IS THE KEY!!!
I can’t stress that enough! Every wise guy sharp will tell you that!! Bad Days are guaranteed! They are part of my goal plan each week! So I expect them and it’s no big deal!! I have a set goal plan and how many bets at what amount I need to make that goal with prober loss added in equation!!


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Some good stuff here, but I don't know of much bashing, etc. on this site - we normally don't allow it at all - if you see any please let one of the mods know and we will remove it....we have a pretty good group here and there isn't bashing for the most part...

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    no bashing here ! what makes you the best site been on!!

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Not sure where the bashing is going on but looking back at your posts, I dont see anything. Possibly maybe you got a PM that contained bashing? Either way would like to know about it as we cannot track every post sometimes.

That said you have posted information like this before and I am not sure if your just trying to prove a point or not but all that said. I couldnt agree more money management is the #1 way to win money. Controlling your bets, not chasing, sticking within your system they are valuable lessons. Even the best fall victim to this at times. Books would not be in business otherwise.

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I totally agree with Finance & BTB. GOOD INFO but we don't have much or tolerate bashing. If we do the mods on this site do our best to stay on top of this. We may have to delete posts or edit them and request the bashing stops. IF it doesn't people are generally banned from the site.

Should you or anyone be the victim of bashing Please let us know... It will be handled... That is NOT what we are here for.

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    thanks guys!! I do not mean this site!! this site is 1st class!! Its others I have been on!! my bad!! this site rocks with great people!! all of you guys!! sory if it came across wrong ! meant on most sites! Not hear to any who read this! BangTheBook is 1st Class!!