jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
On 10/04/2011 11:18 PM in General

JB and Spooky Part One

So there I was....

In San Diego on my annual 3 day fishing trip. We have a mexican restaraunt we hit every year before we get on the boat. I see this old guy when I walk out, I notic he is obviously a tourist old man by the way he is dressed/ As I walk by him, I note the Star of David on his necklace, and the first thing I think of is Spoky, so I send Spooky a text that says:something to the effect of "why is it I come to San Diego, I walk out of restaraunt and all I see is old Jewish tourists, and I send him this photo:

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
10/04/2011 11:21 PM

And then he texts me back to tell me I need to hang out with a younger crowd, so I grab the nearest group of young chicks and send him this photo

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
10/05/2011 09:26 AM

WOW for a minute I thought that was Spooky sitting down, but looking twice guy could be Spooky's younger brother

spooky Posts:4697 Followers:319
10/05/2011 11:21 AM

JB always needs my help in picking out the right crowd.

He needs to step up his game so we can only hope he keeps listening.

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