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PlayersINsider...PAUL LEINER 1500* NBA TOTAL TAKEDOWN 4/10

Huge 1500* NBA Total goes tonight and everyone needs to be with me on this one...3-2 on Tuesday but missed my big total...Finished on a 12-2 run in Sweet-16, Elite-8 and Final Four plays and went 24-9 overall in the tourney...Sunday we hit 500* Over Knicks/Thunder...Saturday we hit 2000* Over Louisville/Wichita State...1000* Over Nets/Cavaliers cruised in Wednesday...Monday 500* Over Clippers/Pacers rolled in...Sunday 2000* Over Michigan/Florida came in...Saturday we went 3-1 and hit 1500* Over Wichita State/Ohio State....Friday we went 3-0 and cashed with 1500* Over Louisville/Oregon...3-0 on Wednesday and hit 1000* Over Bulls/Heat...500* Over Hawks/Pacers hits on Monday...Sunday 1500* Duke handled Creighton...Crushed the books on Saturday going 4-1 and nailing 1500* Louisville and 1000* Over Saint Louis/Oregon...Thursday 2000* VCU destroyed Akron...2-1 on Tuesday and 500* St Johns wins outright...Monday we hit 500* Over Heat/Celtics...Sunday 1500* Ohio State handled Wisconsin...Friday we went 4-1 and I hit 1500* UCLA and 1000* NC State...5-0 sweep on Thursday and 1500* UCLA and 1000* Georgetown both hit...Wednesday we hit 1500* Colorado...Tuesday we went 2-1 and 500* Rutgers crushed DePaul...3-1 on Sunday and 1000* Maryland covered...Saturday 500* Under Warriors/Bucks hits...500* Over Raptors/Warriors cashed...Sunday 1500* UCLA beat USC...1500* UConn handles DePaul on Saturday...Friday 500* Over Celtics/Suns hits...Thursday 1000* Temple handles LaSalle...3-0 on Tuesday and 500* Notre Dame beats Pitt outright...Friday we went 2-1 and hit 500* Georgetown...1500* Gonzaga crushed St Marys on Thursday...Monday 1500* Over Oklahoma/TCU came in...Saturday we hit 500* Over Penn State/Nebraska...Friday we hit 1500* Over Raptors/Pacers...2000* Ravens beat the Niners outright...2000* Ravens handle the Colts...11-5 in my career with 2000* plays...8-2 in 1500* NFC plays this season and 29-13 run overall in the NFL...5-1 in 1000* Bowl plays...5-3 in 1500* MLB picks...11-3 in 1500* NBA Playoff action...Hit 2000* Over Spurs/Thunder Game 4...13-4 last year in 1000* MLB Picks...Ended the College Hoops season the right way as 2000* Kentucky handled Kansas...went 4-0 in Elite Eight plays...Finished 18-12-1 in the Big Dance...79-52-2 run in 1500* plays...Ended the College Football season with 1000* Alabama beating LSU...16 out of 21 winning weeks in the NFL and 62-36-3 record overall...Finished the College Football season with a 73-53-6 record...97-73-5 run overall with 1000* plays...We ended last College Hoops season with 2000* Kentucky in the Championship game...238-173-9 run in 1000* or higher plays...Sixty-six 1000* winners in 2011...I went 33-7 (82.5%) last two years in NFL Pre-Season...I hit 70% in my top Football plays last season...finished last College Hoops season with a 157-111-7 record...go to PlayersInsider and let's keep making money.

100* Over 8.5 Cardinals/Reds
100* Giants -140
50* Dodgers -120

73-53-6 CFB, 161-131-7 CBB, 70-58-4 NBA, 62-36-3 NFL, 8-11-1 MLB

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