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On 04/03/2013 10:03 PM in NHL

I have noticed some good NHL Over Under picks.

I salute those that can get near 60% when it comes to Over/Under.
I'm not one to play this game, but I was wondering, is it like flipping a coin, or is there some factor that really comes into play, when deciding if a team is going to score the average and then some or do you just base it on strictly goalies?
I would really like to hear about your point of view.

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kwills1888 Posts:10 Followers:0
04/04/2013 12:33 AM

i can only speak to my experiences playing over unders in the NFL, usually i go off of recent games and defenses that they play against.

purepenguin Posts:191 Followers:29
04/04/2013 12:50 AM

K, would you say like 3 recent games, and do you normally get your analysis correct??

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  • 04/04/2013 11:03 AM

    the nfl is such a weak to weak game some I really would say 3 games would be the max

thatman-z Posts:766 Followers:17
04/04/2013 10:51 AM

I'll try to explain this as short and as less confusing as possible. I start by looking at about 4 to 5 recent games for both teams. See how they did against each team, then I look at those teams and see how well their Defense to Offense is, so its kinda like looking at Team A vs Team B, then Team A vs Team B2, then Team B2 vs Team C and so on and so on. Then after I decide if Im going to take the over or under then I look at the goalies for all of the games I just recently looked at and see if it all matches up. If so, then its a play, if not, then back to square one with another game. It gets frustrating at times and tedious but if u want to win money, u gotta work hard right? Hope it wasnt too complicated and I hope this helps, I wish I could explain it better.

vegasscouting Posts:406 Followers:13
04/04/2013 11:44 AM

I have done really well this year on totals. I usually go by the type of defense (or lack of) a team plays. Some teams dont' care about personal stats, and will just play tight lowing scoring games every night if they could. Others want to pad the stats and get in shootouts more often then not. Also keep track of the line, if its at 5, 5.5 or 6. Sometimes the line just isn't set properly.