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04/06/2013 05:17 PM


orioles pk -144 1 unit

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04/07/2013 12:43 PM

yesterday 0-4 -6.89 units season 10-8 +12.52 units best bet 3-1

the only thing I had right sat. was the dam basketball games and it figures because I had not picked nothing right since march madness started. o well tough day, lose some units. I think I have a good card today, almost 2 best bets but will stick with just one today

Detroit -1.5 runs +110 1.5 units
Atlanta under 7.5 -110 1.5 units

texas under 9 -120 3 units

Washington under 7.5 -115 4 units and best bet play

ok that's it Washington and texas I think are 2 strong games today. now for a side note to all you wrestling fans, cena will beat the rock tonight and win the championship at wrestlemania and remember you heard it here first. have a good one everyone

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04/11/2013 06:57 PM

sunday 1-3 -8.20 units season 11-11 +4.32 units best bet 3-2

hi everyone, took a few days off.i really sucked over the weekend but still on the plus side in units.i have 2 games tonight so here goes

white soxs pk +134 1.5 units

la angels pk -130 3 units

that's it.hoping to turn this around so have a good one everyone