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On 10/02/2011 12:53 PM in NFL

NFL play

Miami + 7. My best bet of the day! I am also playing miami to win this game outright. They are desperate and the chargers are banged up....vajax, matthes, gates all banged up and miami is searching for a win so that sparano does not get fired. This team will rally today and they should have a lot of success over a swiss cheese defense. KC woul dhave beaten the chargers last week had cassell not thrown that pick.....i believe that the fins go in and pull off this upset......will be a close game as rivers is a good QB and tolbert will rumble, however miami matches up well here....marshall has faced and dominated in the past agaisnt better defensive units the chargers used to have.....this game to smells of an outright win for the fish and i am all over it.....bush will ahve to utilized more today as thomas is out, but he might be a bit more motivated playing is so cal......i absolutely love this bet today!