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On 03/30/2013 02:50 PM in NHL


Crosby's puck to the face.
Kunitz gets 5min major and game misconduct for a good hit.
Missing Letang and Matrin to start with.
And pens are still battling for the first goal.
F*ck the Islanders and F8ck the REFS.

"The Best of the Best".
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03/30/2013 03:44 PM

And the penguins still won by 2!!
Vocoun another shut out.
I was sweating bullets for awhile, cause I had a bet on the Penguins to Score first.
So I won my Triple bet today
to Score 1st
to win by 2
and Straight win!!
=very Me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The Best of the Best".