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On 08/31/2011 04:59 PM in MLB

Moving this for all to see

Leb posted this on the tracker (nothing wrong with that) but some of our people don't post there and I think he makes some valid points and has a valid question... So I am coping it here (since I don't know how to move a post yet) to see if maybe we can get him some responses.

Leb wrote:
I bet the Tigers this morning and bet was in at 465 to win 300 but after the game I went in and saw that I won 251 instead of 300. (Was happy to win at all considering we needed 3 runs in the 8th to win it.) But it seems to me that an action bet when they change pitchers becomes a golden opportunity for a sportsbook to screw you over......... the odds went from 155 to 185. I am willing to bet most of their bets to the point of the change were on Detroit and they can set the odds anywhere they want which is a major disadvantage to the bettor. The question is, Do most of you bet action or pitchers listed???? I know you get no bet if you take pitchers listed but at least the "Book" cannot readjust your line to their benefit.... Any thoughts???
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08/31/2011 06:43 PM

I agree that it sucks and you are sort of at their mercy. I almost always play listed. There have been times I will play an action/Halladay for example because I want Halladay and I don't care what the odds would change to as long as I get my man.

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09/01/2011 11:26 AM

I always bet listed. I want to make sure the selected pitchers I choose based on the pick I make are going. That's why just before the first pitch of any game I check in with the full lineup during the day and again at night in case of any line adjustment due to a pitching change. Almost all of these take place hours or so before start time, so I'd rather the books look out for me and cancel my play when needed simply because I didn't intend to play a line at it's new price.

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