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On 03/23/2013 04:27 PM in NBA

NBA Saturday (Open Discussion / Opinions Welcome)

Early Leans

Detroit ML
Wizards +8.5
Indiana +2.5
New York Knicks -6.5
Denver -12
La Clippers -8

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03/23/2013 04:37 PM

Detroit played the Heat well yesterday until the middle of the 3rd. I wasn't very happy with the officiating of the game - quite a few rather suspect offensive fouls were called against them, and Lebron was getting away with everything as usual. I like the ML against Charlotte if they play with the same energy today, but I have a feeling that they'll be back to their usual lethargic selves from the past month. I like Indiana and the Clippers. I don't trust the Knicks. No opinion about the Wizards and Nuggets, the lines seem about right to me.

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03/23/2013 06:14 PM

The only game that scares me a little is Indiana. I have a feeling that Chicago is going to explode on someone very soon. I just hope its not on Indiana tonight : 0 I think if Indiana plays like they know how, they get the win or lose by 1or2.

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03/23/2013 06:23 PM

Public view would say washington will bounce back against GS... because of crafty guard play by the warriors in the second half pulling away... just a thought.

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03/23/2013 09:30 PM

LOL that Pistons - Bobcats game was easily the ugliest 48 minutes of basketball I've seen this season. Looks like both teams were in full tank mode but Charlie V wasn't briefed so Cats got the loss in the end :) Even rolling with Bynum/Stuckey/Middleton/Jerebko/CV for long stretches didn't help and that must be the sorriest lineup to step on an NBA court in recent years. Passes flying into the stands, wide open bricks and guards getting their layups blocked by the rim - I'm sure the 10 or so people who saw this game were more embarassed than the players.

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03/23/2013 10:03 PM

hahaha I didn't see the game, but Im happy about the end result!

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03/23/2013 10:03 PM

Looking to be a good night for me tonight! Hopefully it keeps going.....and FINALY Geeezzz