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On 03/23/2013 09:35 AM in NBA

Been hot recently, We'll see. Round 3 picks & NBA for Saturday

Stanford vs. Alabama, 03/23/2013 12:00
Alabama -3½/-110

Memphis vs. Michigan State, 03/23/2013 14:45
Michigan State -5½/-110

Colorado State vs. Louisville, 03/23/2013 17:15
Colorado State +10½/-110

Harvard vs. Arizona, 03/23/2013 18:10
Arizona -10/-110

Butler vs. Marquette, 03/23/2013 19:45
Marquette -1½/-110

California vs. Syracuse, 03/23/2013 21:40
Syracuse -7/-110

Brooklyn vs. LA Clippers, 03/23/2013 22:30
Brooklyn +8½/-110

Detroit vs. Charlotte, 03/23/2013 19:00
Detroit +1½/-110

Toronto vs. New York, 03/23/2013 19:30
New York -6/-110

Boston vs. Memphis, 03/23/2013 20:00
Boston +8/-110

Indiana vs. Chicago, 03/23/2013 20:00
Indiana +140

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
03/23/2013 10:48 AM

Nice run! Love Bama myself also grabbed them first half -2, Any thoughts on St Louis/Oregon?

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floridaboy Posts:43 Followers:7
03/23/2013 11:03 AM

That game is hard, I passed on it because I want to take St. Louis but then I remembered I was one click away from taking OK State... and we all know how that turned out. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the game. I would lean towards St. Louis.

floridaboy Posts:43 Followers:7
03/23/2013 02:33 PM

I just realized I didnt take Michigan in my sports monitor! haha, wow.. good thing I took it on 5Dimes... I'm an idiot, oh well

roguesalmon Posts:2160 Followers:126
03/23/2013 06:29 PM

Nice run. On fire!!! Keep up the great work. Have a great day Floridaboy!!!

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03/23/2013 06:44 PM

Thanks man, I took East Carolina on 5D last second.. I thought for sure it was a trap but they pullled away on a crazy run. It's been a good day but theres a long way to go.

thehitman Posts:3077 Followers:5
03/23/2013 11:03 PM

Send some of that Fla mojo all the way down to the southern tier, my man

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03/23/2013 11:08 PM

I'm takin as much as I can now, when baseball comes I'll lose it all .