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On 03/18/2013 01:59 PM in NCAA Basketball

Bracket Chat!

Thought it would be nice to have a thread to discuss upsets, potential winners etc...

So far looking at 3 v 14 seeds, I think New Mex is in the clear they get by no problem. Florida and Mich St look fine as well... However Marquette looks like a possible upset against Davidson. I didnt even look at the spread till last of course they are -4 so bookmakers agree... You look at Marquettes scoring its very vanilla throughout. They fall into a trend where they havent won more then 9 games in there last ten...Overvalued for playing in the big east

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03/18/2013 02:03 PM

Another tidbit before I forget using the Tournament Seed Rankings, no team higher then #8 has won it since 1985 when Nova won...

1. Louisville
2. Kansas
3. Indiana
4. Gonzaga
5. Miami (FL)
6. Duke
7. Georgetown
8. Ohio State

See Full list here

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03/18/2013 02:27 PM

They gave Kansas a 1 seed but sure made it tough - Georgetown and Florida are both tough and for a while everyone was saying Michigan might be the best team in the country..and would anyone be shocked if UNC managed to beat Kansas in the second round? I'm going to have a lot of variations coming out of that region in my various bracket entries....

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    The Way UNC has been playing I wouldnt be surprised at all. Ever since they went to the small line up they have been red hot.

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03/18/2013 02:29 PM

I have plenty of first round upsets, however I also filled out numerous bracket situations where those higher seeds do prevail to the second round and further. Call me crazy, but here are some of my Goliaths over Daveys.

(14) Valparaiso over (3) Michigan St

(12) Ole Miss over (5) Wisconsin
(11) Belmont over (6) Arizona
(10) Iowa St over Notre Dame (not much of an upset)

(11) Minnesota over (6) UCLA

(11) Bucknell over (6) Butler
(14) Davidson over (3) Marquette
(10) Colorado over (7) Illinois (see above)

Final 4: (1) Louisville vs. (2) Ohio St
(1) Kansas vs. (1) Indiana

Champion: (1) Indiana) over (1) Louisville

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    I was actually really surprised to see Minne was 3 pt fave over UCLA... While its a seed upset not spread wise

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03/19/2013 07:05 AM

I got about half of my bracket picked so far. Probably won't have it finished until Wednesday night or even Thursday morning. I cannot wait, plus I am off work Thursday.

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03/20/2013 08:08 PM

Somehow I have New Mexico going to the big dance. We will see. Everyone have a great tourney time.

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