purepenguin Posts:191 Followers:29
On 03/06/2013 01:49 PM in NHL

ANYONE to DARE pick COL over CHI???

COLORADO is 6-2 against the spread versus CHICAGO over the last 3 seasons
COLORADO is 6-2-0 straight up against CHICAGO over the last 3 seasons

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
03/06/2013 03:50 PM

At this point I almost want to start going against them every game..chasing if I have to

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btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
03/06/2013 04:52 PM

I pulled the trigger +200 at dimes.

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enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
03/06/2013 06:32 PM

On Colorado +200 for few hundred. Let's see how it goes!

  • 03/06/2013 10:10 PM

    I hope your right, its 2-2 in the 3rd!!!

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  • 03/07/2013 03:36 PM

    Damn close

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dietz Posts:264 Followers:1
03/07/2013 11:33 AM

I laid off it, but next game at Colorado I will take Colorado; no Hossa, No Sharp, No Shaw.

I bet it is only +145 or so.

enzymex Posts:1732 Followers:61
03/07/2013 03:51 PM

Yeah, it was pretty close. Could have easily turned the other way.

Colorado at home Friday seems to be a decent bet.

yisman Posts:836 Followers:68
03/07/2013 05:42 PM

Blackhawks lines getting inflated, time to bet against

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